Thursday, November 29, 2012

Biblical Interview: Luke Mielke

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Luke Mielke. Luke is a videographer for the college I attend and has several years of experience in working with videos and editing. Luke and I share similar passions as we both love to produce short Christian videos to promote our Savior. Here is the interview that I conducted with Luke and his responses.

1. How do you use video to spread the Gospel?
                I use video to spread the Gospel in several different ways.  The first one is recording of conferences.  I enable others to spread their sermons of the Gospel to larger audiences.  The second and my preferred way is through shorts.  The first of many videos explaining the Bible for young to middle aged adults through modern scenarios is almost complete.  This series consist of Bible analogies and narratives explained in terms that connect with people from the 21st century.  These will be given to churches, Christian schools, and home schools.  These videos can be complete in themselves or be used to spring board discussions.

2. How can videos help to advance the Gospel versus traditional methods?
Traditional methods (handing out tracts and door-to-door) is often impersonal.  People will often feel as if they are confronted too causing them to through up defenses. Video is more personal than a tract and less confronting than door-to-door.  People will let down their walls to a video because they do not have to act tough or keep an appearance.  Video can also be spread very easily.  People are more likely to accept a DVD and keep it rather than a tract.  Online videos are easy to spread as well.  Adding a QR code to a DVD or tract can be scanned and watched on a phone.  When a video is done well, people will usually want to watch it through to the end if it is relatively short.

3. What advice could you give aspiring Christian video creators to help them?
                Lots of info in a long video is not nearly as effective as a concentrated short message.  Making a plan and sticking to it is a must.  Going out shotgun style with lots of videos with no real direction is going to end up with more people hurt or offended than fewer high quality videos with an organized message and campaign.

4. Can you think of any specific examples of how God has blessed other with your videos?
I’m guess that “other” in the line above is supposed to be “others” so I will continue as such.  In my first example of how I have used video to spread the Gospel, I received many emails thanking me for the production of the DVDs.  Many of the people that emailed about the DVDs do not have Bible based churches in their areas, and the DVDs are their only “church” for the year.  Research on the second example for everyone involved impacts their lives.  Studying the Bible in depth will always prick the heart and open one’s eyes.

5. What has had the biggest Christian video impact on your life and why?
                I’m not sure what you are asking here.  I’ll take a shot at it, and see if I answer what you are looking for.  Please let me know if it’s not.  Facing the Giants probably had the biggest Christian video in my life.  Not necessarily because of the message, but because it gave hope that I could make a Christian film with impact.  Most Christian films to that point were second rate and not taken seriously.  Facing the Giants proved that Christian films could be made to a higher standard.
I would like to thank Luke Mielke for allowing me to interview him and for giving all of this useful information to us. What do you do with this information? You use it. . .You create something, you impact someone. Do not let this valuable information be ignored. Take action.


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